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Hippolytia delavayi (Franchet ex W. W. Smith) C. Shih
Yunnan: Xianggelila (Zhongdian) Xian. SW of the city of Zhongdian (Xianggelila); Bigu Tianchi Hu (reached by road from Gongxia on highway G214). Secondary Abies-Picea forest with scattered Larix, open dry meadows and wet boggy meadow on gentle slope above lake. Open areas with dwarf (< 1 m tall) Rhododendron thickets and wooded areas with tall (ca. 2 m) evergreen Rhododendron. 27°31'32"N, 99°38'33"E; 3890 m.
Edge of forest near road. Involucral bracts green, margins dark green; florets yellow.
David E. Boufford, Julian F. Harber & Xin-Hui LI
43318 31 August 2013

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