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Xizang (Tibet): Gongjue (Gongjo) Xian. Luosong Dengzhu; ca. 8.6 km in a straight line NW of city of Gongjue. Rocky meadow with Kobresia, Spenceria, Bistorta, Artemisia (with Cotoneaster appressed to rocks); scrub thickets of Caragana, Potentilla, Berberis, Lonicera and Ribes; and stony slopes and limestone cliffs and boulders. 30°54'25"N, 98°11'37"E; 3750-3900 m.
In meadow. Pileus plane, sometimes slightly depressed in center, grayish black, surface smooth to slightly squamulose, 1.5-2.5 cm in diam; lamellae decurrent, grayish white, with short gills, margin even; stipe equal, gray, surface slightly squamulose, 1.4-3 cm long, 0.4-0.5 cm in diam; context white; odor strange.
557 1 August 2009

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