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Xizang (Tibet): Luolong (Lhorong) Xian. Between the cities of Luolong (Lhorong) and Bianba (Banbar) on highway 303. Dry hillsides and base of cliffs; xeric spinescent shrub community, including Rosa, Ribes, Rhamnus, Caragana, with shrubby Artemisia, Elsholtzia fruticosa and Ceratostigma. 30°50'14"N, 95°41'4"E; 3415 m.
On soil. Pileus plane to convex when young, plane when old, grayish white when young, becoming gray to yellowish when old, about 4.5 cm in diam., always slightly umbonate in center; lamellae white, adnate, with small gills, margin serrate to wavy; stipe white, with pale yellow tinge, equal, 6 cm long, 0.5 cm in diam., hollow; context white, unchanging.
482 18 July 2009
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