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Galerina marginata (Batsch) K├╝hner
Xizang (Tibet): Jiangda (Gyamda) Xian. Narrow gorge ca. 6 km E in a straight line from the center of the city of Jiangda (Gyamda). Logged Picea forest, now dominated by Betula. Slopes and meadows; slopes with numerous, scattered limestone boulders and diverse herbaceous flora in organically rich, dark soil and with deep moss layer in many places. 31°28'59"N, 98°16'39"E; 3900 m.
Cap 1.5-3.5 cm in diam., convex to convex-applanate, slightly umbonate, brownish yellow to yellowish brown, paler towards the margin, hygrophorus; lamellae adnate to sinuate, rusty brown, crowded; stipe 2-4 X 0.2-0.5 cm, brownish, brown, to dark brown, glabrous to fibrillose; basal mycelium white, annulus absent.
Zhu-Liang YANG
5462 4 August 2009

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