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Primula szechuanica Pax
Determined by: C. M. Hu, January 2013
Xizang (Tibet): Changdu (Chamdo) Xian. Old road from Changdu (Chamdo) to Toba and Jiangda (Gyamda) on Damala Shan at first pass from Changdu. Slope with shrubs of Salix, Caragana and dwarf (< 50 cm tall) Rhododendron and intermittent meadow-like areas and rocky slopes. 31°9'54"N, 97°18'1"E; 4580 m.
On rocky slopes. Capsules white, yellowish, pale green or pink.
David E. Boufford, Bruce Bartholomew, Deren A. Eaton, Xin-Hui LI, Richard H. Ree, Bo XU, Ji-Pei YUE, Jian-Wen ZHANG & Xin-Xin ZHU
41102 25 July 2009

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