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Helvella corium (Weberbauer) Massee
Yunnan: Xianggelila (Zhongdian) Xian. Sichuan-Yunnan border area. South side of Zhongdian Daxue Shan. Grazed meadows, Rhododendron thickets, limestone and shale scree slopes and outcropping ledges. 28°34'24"N, 99°48'42"E; 4280-4600 m.
On soil by Rhododendron and Salix. Cupulate to irregular saddle shaped, stipitate, wholly black, stipe slight ridged, paler at base, ascocarps ca. 5-11 mm in diam., receptacle surface smooth, ascospores broadly ellipsoid, uniguttulate, ca. 17x10 um. name was published incorrectly on different specimens in China, and this is first time to confirm presence of this species in China.
Zheng WANG & Zhuliang YANG (Z. L. Yang)
WZ0184 25 July 1998

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