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Pedicularis souliei Franchet
Sichuan: Kangding Xian. Between the cities of Yajiang and Xinduqiao off highway 318 at Gaoersi Shan. Alpine meadow, thickets of dwarf shrubs of Rhododendron and Potentilla and disturbed areas near road. 30°2'52"N, 101°23'9"E; 4300-4350 m.
Meadow. Corolla pink with white center.
David E. Boufford, Bruce Bartholomew, Susan L. Kelley, Richard H. Ree, Hang SUN, Ji-Pei YUE, Liang-Liang YUE, Da-Cai ZHANG & Wei-Dong ZHU
35740 4 August 2006

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