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Parnassia delavayi Franchet
Yunnan: Xianggelila (Zhongdian) Xian. Haba Xue Shan (Haba Snow Mountain), E side between Yügutu and Hei Hai (Black Sea, or Black Lake). Rhododendron forest and thickets interspersed with meadows and rocky slopes at about 4200 m, nearer to Yügutu. 27°22'37"N, 100°3'36"E; 4100-4300 m.
In Rhododendron-Abies forest among mossy rocks. Petals white; staminodes trilobed ca. 1/3 way to middle, middle lobe narrower than lateral lobes.
David E. Boufford, Jiahui CHEN, Susan L. Kelley, Richard H. Ree, Hang SUN, Bo XU, Ji-Pei YUE, Liangliang YUE, Dacai. ZHANG & Weidong ZHU
35110 22 July 2006

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