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Sichuan: Kangding Xian. Mugecho Lake. Abies, Larix, Betula forest with Rhododendron thickets interspersed and with Rhododendron understory in many places. 30°8'49"N, 101°51'37"E; 3700-3800 m.
Stipe 160-140 mm x 10-20 mm, pileus less than 110 mm in diam., pileus yellowish orange, stipe white with yellow tints, volva scaly, membranous annulus, few remnants, often united veil on pileus, see photo.
David S. Hibbett & Zheng WANG
DSH97-225 27 August 1997
Copyright 1997 David S. Hibbett   [Edit image]   [View original in new window]

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