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Sichuan: Luding Xian: Moxi. Gongga Shan, east side; downstream from Hailuo Guo Glacier; on N side of Bing He (Bing River; upstream portion of Moxi River) between Camp Number 1 and Camp Number 2. Mixed broadleaved deciduous forest with several species of Acer, Tetracentron, Betula, Tilia, Cercidiphyllum, Quercus. 29°35'37"N, 102°3'35"E; 2300-2600 m.
On soil; scattered. Central stipe white and stipe apex, brownish below, pileus convex with central knob, dark brown at center, light brown at edges, radially fibrillate, no annulus, cobwebby vein disappears in mature fruit, see photo.
David S. Hibbett & Zheng WANG
DSH97-083 16 August 1997
Copyright 1997 David S. Hibbett   [Edit image]   [View original in new window]

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