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Gentiana aristata Maximowicz
Determined by: T. N. Ho, Jun 2009
Xizang (Tibet): Jiangda (Gyamda) Xian. Pass and adjacent slopes at Aila Shan, on road from Jiangda (Gyamda) to Dêgê, Sichuan (highway 317). Kobresia meadows, dwarf Rhododendron-Salix scrub and stony scree slopes above pass. 31°38'0"N, 98°27'40"E; 4400-4600 m.
Crest of ridge, on slopes in Kobresia meadow and around shrubs. 4500-4600 m. Corolla blue or purple, with a dark, arching line at base of petals.
David E. Boufford, Jia-Hui CHEN, Susan L. Kelley, J. LI, Richard H. Ree, Hang SUN & Yong-Hong ZHANG
31413 31 July 2004

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