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Xizang (Tibet): Mangkang (Markam) Xian. Pass on highway 214 at Lawu Shan, just N of the city of Mangkang (Markam). Heavily grazed Kobresia and Carex meadows with Polygonum, Potentilla. 29°42'6"N, 98°31'32"E; 4400-4500 m.
Gregarious and scattered in soil of alpine meadow. Pileus 12-40 mm diam.; convex, expanding with age to broadly convex or plano-convex; margin straight; surface dry, slightly shiny, glabrous, smooth but developing pits and dimples with age, dirty whitish to pale brownish white. Context whitish. Lamellae ┬▒decurrent in young specimens, adnate with a decurrent tooth in expanded pilei, close with 1-2 series of lamellulae, fairly narrow, breadth to 4.5 mm, creamy-white. Stipe 14-22 X 3-12 mm, central, terete, equal to ┬▒clavate, central portion hollow; surface dry, smooth, glabrous, whitish. Odor sweet, fruity.
Brian A. Perry
BAP246 14 July 2000

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