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Xizang (Tibet): Mangkang (Markam) Xian: Markam City. Hills on W side of Zhongyen River ca. 10 km N of the city of Mangkang (Markam). Heavily grazed Kobresia and Carex meadows with scattered islands of Picea, Juniperus and colonial Rhododendron. 29°44'43"N, 98°34'41"E; 4010-4160 m.
Gregarious on fallen Picea needles, in Picea stand of alpine meadow, ~4109 m. Pileus 3-12 mm diam., broadly campanulate, convex, or planate; margin straight, often shallowly sulcate, pellucid-striate when moist; surface smooth, glabrous except for a granular appearing disc in most, moist to dry, dull; disc dark brown (6-7F6-7) initially, soon fading to light brown (5D-E5;6), pale grayish with brown tones towards the margin, fading to cream colored with moisture loss. Lamellae adnate with a short decurrent tooth, close with 1-2 series of lamellulae, moderately broad, breadth to 1.5 mm, grayish (3-4B3); edges concolorous. Stipe 19-32 X <1-1 mm, central, terete, solid, ±equal; surface tomentose with brownish fibrils (5-6F6-7) which become very dark reddish brown to nearly blackish brown (8-9F7-8) as they dry, the apex often glabrous and paler brownish or brownish gray; the stipe base inserted on Picea needles. Odor disagreeable, a combination of garlic and sewage.
Brian A. Perry
BAP240 13 July 2000

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