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Eleutherococcus evodiifolius (Franchet) Q. S. Wang
Yunnan: Dali Xian. Diancang Shan mountain range. Vicinity of Huadianba herbal medicine farm. Disturbed forests and thickets along N facing ravines. 25°53'0"N, 100°1'0"E; 2900-3300 m.
Tree ca. 8 m tall, but cut off and sprouting, immature fruit green.
1984 Sino-Amer. Bot. Exped. (Bruce Bartholomew, David E. Boufford, Hsi-Wen LI, Cheng-Gong MA, Dan H. Nicolson, Tsun-Shen YING & Shao-Wen YU)
1147 18 July 1984

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