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Berberis riparia Y. K. Li, Harber, Y. W. Xing & C. C. Yu
Sichuan: Baiyu Xian. Northwest of the city of Baiyu along the Jinsha Jiang, downstream from Baji-Cun; ca. 3.1 km (by road) downstream from confluence with the Ou Qu (Ou River). Xeric community of spiny and aromatic shrubs (Sophora, Rosa, Berberis, Isodon, Caryopteris), with Populus in moist drainages. 31°15'48"N, 98°45'16"E; 2960-2975 m.
Shrub, 3.25 m tall; mature stems purple; leaves abaxially pale green, adaxially dull green; fruit red; seeds 2. Cited: Pl. Diversity (
David E. Boufford, Bruce Bartholomew, Jian-Ling GUO & Julian F. Harber
44900 24 August 2018

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