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Rhododendron polylepis Franchet
Determined by: David F. Chamberlain, 14 March 2019
Sichuan: Baoxing Xian. Mountain slope along side road E off state road G210 (between Huangdianzi and Yangliuping) at Guoba Yan, Hanbaiyu Shan. Remnant mixed deciduous forest on steep mountain slope, badly disturbed by quarrying operations, tree cutting and grazing. Dominant trees: Juglans, Acer (3 species), Cercidiphyllum, Tetracentron, Betula, Salix and Prunus with Viburnum, Ribes understory and occasional Pinus armandii. 30°39'56"N, 102°51'21"E; 2390 m.
On landslide slope in open. Shrub ca. 2.5 m tall; stems leaning downhill; calyx green; corolla purple, paler in throat; filaments white, anthers red. Voucher for C. Davidson and S. Christoph, Flora of the World (
David E. Boufford, Sharon Christoph, Chris Davidson & Yong-Dong GAO
43676 12 May 2014

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