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Rhododendron hylaeum I. B. Balfour & Farrer
Determined by: Rhui-Cheng Fang, December 2006
Yunnan: Fugong Xian: Lishadi Xiang. Between the Shibali logging station and Yaping pass, ca. 3 km W of Shibali, on the road from the Nujiang to Yaping pass, E side of Gaoligong Shan. Subtropical evergreen broadleaved forest. Forest dominated by Illicium, Acer, Lithocarpus, Cyclobalanopsis. 27°10'29"N, 98°45'25"E; 2766 m.
Growing along roadside in forest. S-facing. Loam. Base rock: marble. Slope 10-30°. Tree, 6 m tall. Bark smooth reddish brown. Young fruit green with red. Occasional.
Gaoligong Shan Biodiversity Survey
20514 9 May 2004

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