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Rhododendron phaeochrysum I. B. Balfour & W. W. Smith
Determined by: D. F. Chamberlain, Jun 2008
Sichuan: Daocheng Xian. Road (highway 217) from Litang to Sandui, NNE of Sandui, Haizi Shan. Glacial boulder strewn area with rivulets, small ponds and wet depressions; vegetation dwarf (ca. 0.5 m tall) Salix and Rhododendron and gravelly openings. Granite bedrock. 29°27'28"N, 100°11'33"E; 4605 m.
Shrub ca. 2.5 m tall; leaves abaxially pale brownish, adaxially dark green; fruit green.
David E. Boufford, Bruce Bartholomew, Susan L. Kelley, Richard H. Ree, Hang SUN, Liang-Liang YUE, Da-Cai ZHANG & Yong-Hong ZHANG
37401 27 August 2006

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