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Fieldwork that generated the collections in the database

Expeditions and Personnel
The collections of flowering plants, bryophytes and fungi from the "Plant and Fungal Diversity of western Sichuan and eastern Xizang” expeditions represent the core collections for the Biodiversity of the Hengduan Mountains project. Significant collections from several other expeditions to the Hengduan Shan region and adjacent areas (Gaoligong Shan, E and SE Qinghai and SE Xizang) are included in the project’s database. In addition, extensive historical collections from the region in the Harvard University Herbaria are being databased and georeferenced and will be added to the project's database.
2006 Expedition team: Yunnan, Zhongdian Xian, Haba Cun
2006 expedition team: Yunnan, Zhongdian Xian, Haba Cun. L-R. Rick Ree, YUE Jipei (乐霁培), YUE Liangliang (岳亮亮), XU Bo (徐波), CHEN Jiahui (陈家辉), ZHANG Dacai (张大才), HUI Hong (辉宏), LI Huixin (李惠新), ZHU Weidong (朱卫东), LI Yinghui (李迎辉), GE Zaiwei (葛再伟), David Boufford, SUN Hang (孙 航). Photo by Susan Kelley. Missing from photo: Bruce Bartholomew, YANG Song (扬松), YANG Zhuliang (杨祝良), ZHANG Jianwen (张建文), ZHANG Yonghong (张永洪), all of whom joined later.
2007 Expedition team: Sichuan, Xiaojin Xian, south of the city of Xiaojin on road to Danba along Xiaojin He (Xiaojin River)
Front row (L-R): Rick REE, JIA Yu, Susan KELLEY, Kazumi FUJIKAWA; Back Row (L-R): HUO Shunjun, HUI Hong, ZHANG Jianwen, David BOUFFORD, XU Bo, LI Huixin, Local guide, GE Zaiwei. Missing from photo: ZHANG Dacai, ZHANG Ticao: ZHU Weidong.
2009 Expedition team: Xizang (Tibet), Gongjue (Gongjo) Xian, along the Re Qu (Re River)
L-R: YANG Zhuliang (杨祝良), Rick REE, local police official, FENG Bang (冯邦), YUE Jipei (乐霁培), local forestry official, Bruce BARTHOLOMEW, David BOUFFORD, Deren EATON, HUI Hong. Missing from photo: LI Xinhui (李新辉), XU Bo (徐波), ZHANG Jianwen (张建文), ZHU Xinxin (朱鑫鑫)
2010 Expedition team: Sichuan Province, Litang Xian, outside the city of Litang (in background)
L-R: DONG Jinlong (董金龙), CHEN Linyang (陈林杨), Zhang Jianhua (张建华), LI Xinhui (李新辉), J. R. Shevock, LI Yinghui (李映辉), D. E. Boufford. Missing: YUE Jipei (乐霁培), taking photo
2018 Expedition team: Sichuan Province, Aba Xian, outside the city of Aba (in background)
L-R: Jim Shevock, David Boufford, Bruce Bartholomew, YUE Jipei (乐霁培), Julian Harber. Missing and photographer: LI Qin (李勤).
2018 Expedition team: Qinghai Province, at Tibetan restaurant in the city of Yushu (2018-08-17).
Front row, L-R: MA 'Dennis' Wenzhang (马文章) and LI Qin (李勤). Back row, L-R: YUE Jipei (乐霁培), GUO Jianling (郭建玲), Bruce Bartholomew, David Boufford, Julian Harber, Jim Shevock, WEI Ru-Gang (魏汝刚), YANG Dong (杨东).
2018 Expedition Team: China, Sichuan Province, Batang Xian, Zimei-hu; 30°18'12.1"N, 99°33'05.0"E; 4484 meters elevation. L-R: MA 'Dennis' Wenzhang (马文章), Jim Shevock, David Boufford, Bruce Bartholomew, Julian Harber and GUO Jianling (郭建玲). (2018-09-11)
2019 Expedition team to Jiangchuan and Yongping xian, Yunnan, 17 July-13 August
L-R. Zhanxiang Li (李占翔, Jiangchuan only), Yonghong Zhang (张永洪, Jiangchuan only), Kaiyu Li (李开玉, driver), David E. Boufford, Lin Su (苏林), Xin Yu (余鑫), Jianling Guo (郭建玲) in Jiangchuan city.
Biodiversity of the Eastern Himalaya
A project supported by the MacArthur Foundation to build capacity for biodiversity research, conservation, and education in the Eastern Himalaya. Specimen and locality data from this project are integrated into the main database.

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